About ilumnirec

In 2016 Adde Larsson and Jimmy Bergma began rebuilding Ilumnirec by creating a new studio and recording space and also reigniting activities with the label. Beginning with the addition of The End Of Grace and Hashtag Yolo to the roster the brand began its rebirth with a new energy and a new direction. The studio, and all involved, work very much with the ethos of a collective and we look to build this and incorporate others as it progresses.

Our goals are to create an open environment to allow creativity to flow and provide artists with access to professional standard equipment and products. We aim to provide affordable services that will help new/up and coming artists to take their work to the next level. The diverse range of skills on offer in the studio means that we can support artists from the early stages of product creation, through artist development and to the final stages of product usage, promotion and live performances.

In-House Team

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