Welcome to the ILUMNIREC official website

Thank you for showing interest for ILUMNIREC and the artists we work with.

As it is right now the recordlabel Ilumnirec has been put down for a non-decided timeline and there are no plans to pick it up as it is right now in a near future.
We do still run the Management Ilumnirec Management and will do so. We have decided to work with a couple of acts and have no plans to pick up any new talents as it is right now.
We wish all our acts we have worked with through the years the best of luck in the future and wish everybody a Happy New Year!!

This Label works with the simple thought of letting the artist or Freelance performer do what they're best at...
To perform and entertain the audience with a deadly aim and spread the word of independence.
The label doesn't work within the usuall boundrys of the music industry, but listens more to what is good in music.
If there is a soul and feeling in the music?
If the music brings out emotions when you listen?
Then you have found what is the key element within this label.
No genres, no prestamped letters with "well be in touch" bullshit, no ruleouts before a dialogue.
Just straight out the truth about what we think or not think.
We belive in artistic freedom within the limitations and boundrys of today's technology.

The general genre direction of ilumnirec is:

Rock/ Postrock
Industrial/ Electronica
Stoner Rock

Among lots and lots of good music!!!